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The Hidden Financial Emergency Facing Black and Brown Families

One study warns that the median net worth of Black Americans is on a trajectory to hit zero by 2053. Mother/daughter law partners Portia and Robin Wood explain what this means for these families — and what they can do about it.

Dismantling Barriers to Black Generational  Wealth

With the net worth of white American households roughly 10 times that of Black families, inheritances are a major factor in America’s racial wealth gap. Generational wealth planning attorneys Portia and Robin Wood discuss historical barriers that have prevented black families from building and protecting wealth, and what we can do to overcome them.

How Generational Wealth Planning Can Help Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Portia and Robin explain how families can plan now to protect their assets, and how this can help families pass down more of their wealth to their children and grandchildren.

Giving Your Kids A Leg Up

Even a modest amount of family wealth can make a big difference for young people looking to acquire an education, purchase a first house, or start a business. Portia and Robin explain steps families can take to build, protect, and pass down more of their hard-earned wealth.

Estate Planning: Not Just for the Rich

Portia and Robin explain why they recommend everyone over the age of 18 to have an estate plan, and share the three critical components of an estate plan.

5 Costly Mistakes Parents Make That Leave Children at Risk

Portia and Robin reveal the most common mistakes parents make when it comes to providing for and protecting their children in the event something unforeseen happens to mom and dad.

The Pandemic, Mortality, & Estate Planning

The United States ranks fourth in the world for orphaned children due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Portia and Robin explain the steps parents must take to make sure their children are cared for, no matter what.

How Wills, Trusts, and Generational Planning Can Protect Your Family

Many people have more wealth than they realize. Portia and Robin explain how they use wills, trusts, and other tools to protect and pass wealth to future generations.

How Planning Can Protect Your Business

Portia and Robin discuss steps entrepreneurs should take when starting a business, how to leverage business vs. personal credit, and how to protect assets from student loans and other debt.

Don’t Fall Prey to These Myths

Portia and Robin discuss common myths, such as the idea that only the wealthy need estate plans; that children will automatically be placed with family members in the event both parents die; and the notion that young, healthy people don’t need wills or advanced directives.
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